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Energising Shower Salt (Grapefruit + Peppermint)
Energising Shower Salt (Grapefruit + Peppermint)
Energising Shower Salt (Grapefruit + Peppermint)

Energising Shower Salt (Grapefruit + Peppermint)

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A powerful, energy booster to create an invigorating shower experience.

Energising is a citrus-mint blend thoughtfully designed to invigorate and uplift.

Formulated as a mood booster and stress-reliever, the Energising Shower Salt aids to cope with complex moods and alleviates fatigue. Step out of the shower feeling more refreshed, be it as part of the morning or evening ritual.

Using a clean and dry spoon, sprinkle one to two scoops (or as desired) of Shower Salt on the far edge of the shower away from direct water flow. As the water splashes on the shower salt occasionally, inhale deeply to enjoy the therapeutic benefits as the oil diffuses.

Note: For a stronger or lighter strength of scent, adjust the amount of Shower Salt used accordingly.

- Grapefruit boosts mood and reduces stress by lowering levels of cortisol.
- Peppermint improves concentration and alertness while providing relief from stress and mental fatigue.

sodium chloride (himalyan pink salt)+, sodium bicarbonate, tapioca starch, essential oil of: citrus paradisi (pink grapefruit), mentha piperita (peppermint)*, citrus limon (lemon)*
organic* wild harvested+


80g, in glass jar

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